April 29, 2017

Dress Code & LV Weather



The sun rises around 5:30 am and will set at approximately 7:30 pm. The coolest hours of the day are from 2 am to 8 am and the warmest time of the day will be at 5 pm.  Expect early morning temperatures to be near 60 degrees and daytime highs to be 74-80 degrees within a dry, arid climate.


Dress Code

Below are some guidelines regarding the dress code for the wedding weekend; remember, this is Las Vegas and almost anything goes!


  • Friday, 4/28, Open House - Casual attire
  • Friday, 4/28, Michael Jackson ONE - Most individuals will wear business-casual attire; however, you will see individuals wearing suits, jeans, and shorts.  It is Vegas!
  • Friday, 4/28, Bachelor party - Casual attire
  • Saturday, 4/29, Aquarium - Casual attire
  • Saturday, 4/29, Wedding and Reception - Semi-Formal, Cocktail attire (Suits and cocktail dresses)
  • Sunday, 4/30, Brunch - Casual attire; again, it is Las Vegas and you will see everything from Sunday best to shorts and t-shirts.


We hope this helps!


Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas,


Alan & Chris